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Dean Gibbons

A product of this great state, I have owned and managed my own legal practice since 1991. Though the bulk of my work has been in the Portland metro area, I have represented clients throughout Oregon. My work has been fairly diverse including criminal, civil, probate and estate planning, etc. Over the years my expertise has become increasingly concentrated in the areas of insurance and personal injury disputes as well as elder law, probate, and estate planning. These are areas that have grown in complexity and require constant vigilance and discipline to keep up with important and frequent changes. My estate planning and elder law clients are particularly concerned about how they will be affected by changes to state and federal law. To be certain, this is an environment that demands the services of a steady hand and qualified steward to navigate through this challenging period. The legacy you have worked so hard to create will depend on having the right professionals working for you now and in the future. I have worked with many Oregonians to secure that legacy and I would like to work for you.

My practice continues to thrive in the Portland metro area, but I recently expanded its reach to sunny Central Oregon. I am very excited to bring my years of experience, discipline, and work ethic to the folks east of the mountains. I sincerely invite my fellow Oregonians from both sides of the Cascades to call me and give me the opportunity to serve their legal needs as I have for others since 1991.

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